Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Pitter patter, a downpour's fury.
Cocooned under warm covers.
Enveloped in darkness
The shards of light
Cast upon the ceiling
from the blinds
Everything is listening silently
except for the sound of the rain.

Monday, December 01, 2008

It's Weird

It's weird
how I turn back my head
to take another look at that guy in the crowd
coz for a wild moment,
I thought it was you.

It's weird
how I keep checking the carplate number
of the brown car that whizzed by
because you drive the same car too.

It's weird
how I go to grocery shop
and I suddenly miss the times
we did that together.
Silly, we began in sucha place too, didn't we?

It's weird
how the memories come flooding in
at inopportune moments
sometimes I smile to myself when I think of them
sometimes I cry
for the lost time of the next few years.

It's weird
how sometimes I'm excited at this new adventure
how sometimes I wish desperately,
you were going with me
so that we could experience it in all its entirety together
without the need for me to describe it to you.

It's weird
how time seems to grow wings
when I am with you
doing nothing absolutely at all
oh, how happy times fly.

It's weird
how the future seems so uncertain
able to tip at the slightest weight
but we have the faith to fight for it
to build one together.

It's weird
how I tell myself
I'm getting better, a little bit stronger
and so easy it all falls,
crumbles to naught
when I see you again.

It's just weird...
life without you.

PS: I know I haven't been posting my poetry here for a long long time. Well, I was just out of inspiration. So this blog will just remain a place for the occasional poem. You can add it to your RSS feed so that you won't need to keep checking back k? ;)

Hope you enjoyed this one!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Do You Remember?

Do you remember that night?
where moonlight streamed in from the windows
making everything a silvery shimmer.

Do you remember how you spoke those words
"I'm gonna miss you" with emotion so
wrenching my heart tightly in my chest.

Do you remember the shadows of the buildings
interspersed against the wall?
so dark that one could called it romance.

Do you remember the pearly tears shed
thinking of what was to come?
The days, weeks, months of absence.

Do you remember the times we had together?
the funny, the sad, the happy.
Memories come aflashing through.

Do you remember how it feels to snuggle up
to someone you love and loves you back?
Warmth best shared on a cold day.

Do you remember our dreams, our hope
for a future with 'we' within?
my heart achingly wishing for it to come true.

Do you remember that night?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Last Journey

This poem was written by Nick for our grp's literature presentation thru the eyes of the dying AIDS patient. yup it was also inspired by the same poem The Distant Moon. I did help him modify a bit lah hehe.

Anyway, do enjoy this different style of poetry! I lurve it how he managed to rhyme all the last words together..

Here goes:

Hanging loosely on the brink of death,
Life seeps away with every gasping breath,
Death awaits, an inevitable theft,
Torn to pieces till nothing is left.

Isolated, alone in the under dark,
Disembodied, hollow; where to start?
Friends and family distance apart,
Solitude diffuses into my lonely heart.

Anguish and agony engulfs my very mind,
Devastated in pain as my thoughts bind,
Comfort and peace, I no longer find,
Burnt and scorched to bits over time.

Plagued, it conquers with steadfast might,
Swallows the light, diminish my sight,
The darkness eats me up inside,
Leaving me in fear of death’s swift flight.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


This time, there were no tears.
Just the sound of regret
and sadness whirling inside me.

Why? Why has it come to this?
the question echoes darkly.
but there is no resounding answer.

I'm alone on a dark moor
a plain of darkish thoughts
a lake of murky hesitations.

Torn into tiny little pieces
torn between two sides
the angel and devil in me fights.

the elusive question remains
no answer appears in my head.
why?! i screamed out aloud in the silent room

There is nothing wrong
everything is perfectly fine
am I asking for too much?

What happened to the feelings?
Where have they gone?
Did I force myself to change too much?

Stare blankly in the bathtub while the water runs...
Breeze in face looking out of the window
Empty eyes in front of the computer screen.

No.. the answer does not come.
How long before the answer discovers its finder?
Still I sit here... waiting.

And this time, I promise you,
there were no tears.
just cold sad loneliness..

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

i Remember

Poor little bloggy. I've been abandoning it for so long. Due to being busy, lack of inspiration, yada yada... Enough of the excuses.

Here's another poem that I wrote inspired by the poem The Distant Moon that we had to use for my group's presentation during the literature selective.

In this poem, through the eyes of the doctor, we see the sadness and helplessness that he feels for a dying AIDS patient.

Here goes:

His face, i remembered.
Gaunt, paler by the day.
my face, he doesn't see.
Where his vision fails,

He is teetering on the
jagged edge of death's hole.
Yet he is smiling with
the warmth of a newborn baby.

Does he feel alone, fearful
in death's cold cradle?
Or does he see the end
as an end to his suffering?

my pain is that
i'd given him pain.
The emotional fortress's defenses
shatter momentarily, but never enough
to let others in.

As Death gave him one last call,
i pulled up the white sheets,
half thankful that
now, i'm allowed to cry.

Thursday, October 25, 2007